Tailoring new Organic Substrate by enriching with beneficial fungi


About Almost Project

This project seeks being the first large-scale application of a natural biosubstrate, based in a novel tailored biosubstrate enriched with the consortia two beneficial microorganisms the Trichoderma harzianum T78 strain and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, AMF which inoculation during composting from grapevine pruning waste creates a novel biosubstrate with enhanced properties compared to the existing ones.

Final Product

The resulting enriched compost is an ecologically feasible peatless substrate, providing an alternative for the peat-based substrates currently used in plant nurseries and soilless agriculture, considered ecologically undesirable. The substrate can also be used as organic amendment in intensive soil agriculture thanks to its bio-fertiliser, bio-pesticide and bio-stimulant effects. Its use contributes to the reduction of the inputs of environmentally damaging agrochemical pesticides.

Who is the final product for?

  • Horticulture / ornamental gardening Nurseries, as substrate
  • Soilless agriculture, as substrate
  • Organic agriculture, both as substrate and organic amendment
  • Open-field producers (vegs and fruits), as organic amendment
  • High-value crops with long cultivation cycles, as the saffron crocus, as organic amendment (its bio-pesticide properties help maintain a healthy crop)
  • Gardening, as substrate or organic ammendment
  • In Golf Courses and Public Gardens, as organic amendment (the substrate has no harmful effect and is odorless)

Main environmental advantages of ALMOST

ALMOST project is funded by CIP , Eco-innovation Programme EU that is a European initiative for producing quality products with less environmental impact . It fits to this general aim as the main environmental advantages of ALMOST are:

  • To revalorize a residue. Valuing the grapevine pruning residues which are today considered as a waste and are burned.
  • To decrease the use of non-renewable resources such as peat, used today as substrate.
  • To diminish the use of fertilisers/pesticides in agriculture.



The main objective of this project is to make a first large-scale application of the ALMOST substrate in two countries, Spain and France.

In Spain

Microgaia Biotech will process the entire tailored biosubstrate production from vineyard prunning material to the end-product for the first time at a large scale. The production process includes the inoculation process of the specific consortium of fungi (Trichoderma strain T78 cultivated and provided by Microgaia, specific AMF blend of strains cultivated and provided by Symbiom) and the fine tuning to adjust the final properties such as granulometry, and add certain compounds to guarantee Read more…

In France

The entire process will be replicated by InoculumPlus. The protocol for collecting grapevine pruning waste will be implemented through similar agreements with the local producers (extremely abundant in the Bourgogne region), the composting tasks will be produced by InoculumPlus, under the supervision of Microgaia and Symbiom. The product will be tested similarly to the Spanish case, but the test will include greenhouse crops and it will also be extensively tested as organic amendment Read more…

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